Ecologically Responsible Furniture & Sustainability

When creating anything we are making a statement about our future and need to accept responsibility for the futures we create.

Our Drying Shed with Herefordshire Oak & Ash & Welsh Walnut

Our Drying Shed with Herefordshire Oak & Ash & Welsh Walnut

Trees are our most important renewable structural material. When addressing the issue of the sustainability of a product, three main factors need to be considered:

+ Resources: my furniture uses 100% solid timber and is processed using 100% renewable energy. The workshop is heated using wood waste.  I use natural oils and plant extracts to finish my furniture.

+ Sourcing: I have been designing for, using and promoting the use of home grown timber for 20 years. It is the foundation of why I do what I do: creating an ecologically responsible product.

+ Longevity: Trees can grow for hundreds of years, a piece of well made furniture can extend the usefulness of the wood for much, much longer. I produce quality furniture that is built to last.

+ Life cycle: when a piece does eventually reach the end of its long life, solid wood is recyclable and biodegradable.


We have our own drying shed & kiln where timber from local woodlands is seasoned, this timber is used in my furniture whenever the quality is suitable.