Commission Benjamin Hills Fine Furniture

Fine furniture designed and made for you

“The piece should distill an emotion, have harmony, an instinctive sense of rightness and possess an enduring subtlety.”

A good listener and problem solver, Ben has an empathetic and respectful approach to his clients and their requirements when creating a unique piece for them.

You may not wish to go through the commissioning process and may prefer to order an existing design, but for those clients that do, I hope to make commissioning a piece of furniture an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

We begin with the requirements of purpose, function and nature of the piece; the dimensions, woods to be used, design preferences, budget and we discuss any initial ideas that you have. In many cases a visit to your home is suggested to view and absorb the intended space and site. Once this information is gathered, a sketch drawing of an initial idea is produced as well as approximate costings.

We discuss this initial idea, and through our conversation and the design process, the idea is refined and alterations brought together in an accurate revised drawing, along with a quotation of the final cost and a detailed written specification of the project. The copyright is reserved and the design may not be taken away and made elsewhere.

Once you decide to go ahead with the project and place an order, the materials are prepared and left to settle in the workshop before creation begins. Most commissions can be completed within six months; you are updated regularly on progress and are most welcome to visit the workshop to view the detailed accurate craftsmanship that goes into making a piece of bespoke furniture and to feel involved in its creation.